First of all, thanks so much for hanging out with us in our live stream(s)!  To use commands, you enter them exactly as listed below:

General Commands:

!commands – Posts the link to this page.
!rocketbux – Checks and reports your “RocketBux” currency amount and rank.


!fleet [amount] – Starts or joins a fleet expedition in the chat. You can join with 1-1000 RocketBux.


!sr or !songrequest – Request a song from a YouTube video. The correct format is !sr nCXL1NScwoQ
For example, that will add this video’s music to the song queue: (you want to copy the information after the v= from the video URL.

Social Media:

!discord – Posts my Discord server link.
!facebook – Posts my Facebook page link.
!twitter – Posts my Twitter profile link.
!website – Posts my website link.
!youtube – Posts my YouTube channel link.
!twitch – Posts my Twitch channel link.
!mixer – Posts my Mixer channel link.